Spoiler Mats

Sacrifice mat


INDUCON® is the perfect solution for your sacrifice mat needs: 

  • Whether you use vacuum, flatbed, or vertical milling machines, INDUCON® helps facilitate accurate, effective, and safe cutting.
  • INDUCON®’s air permeability allows for sufficient and consistent suc­tion from your vacuum to your material.
  • Different mat thicknesses provide the perfect solution for suction requirements as well as table protection.
  • INDUCON® can also be equipped with an air permeable adhesive to support vertical cutting tables or cutting small materials by creating additional stability between table and material.

Spoiler mats or sacrificial mats allow for a consumable base on your router that the bit will be able to cut into without damage. Spoiler mats can also be used as a vacuum enhancement. 

When using INDUCON® as a milling foam mat for your vacuum clamping system you are able to use the variable air permeability to adjust pump output and achieve precision positioning of materials. With INDUCON® being available in varying thicknesses it increases your possibilities of exact adaptation to the suction capacity of the pump and allows you to use thicker mats if you want to increase the protection zone between your part and the vacuum clamping plate.



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