General Purpose Saw Blades

Our General Purpose Saw Blades are versatile and suitable for a variety of cutting applications in natural woods. The blades with a higher number of teeth offer a finer edge to the cut and are ideal for thinner material. We offer two options to choose from, depending on your needs. Our blades with the prefix GAM feature Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide for extended tool life. Alternatively, our GAL blades have laser cuts in the body to reduce noise during cutting.

In addition, we offer Triple Chip Saw Blades that are designed for high production cutting in natural woods, plywood, chipboard, and MDF. These blades feature TCG teeth that provide less wear than the ATB teeth, with nearly the same quality of cut. Like our General Purpose Saw Blades, our Triple Chip Saw Blades are also available with Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide (prefix GTM) for longer tool life or with laser cuts in the body (prefix GTL) for reduced noise during cutting.