Cnc Router Maintenance

Tool Holder/Spindle Taper Maintenance

  • When using tooling at high rpms on CNC routers many factors come into play.
  • Runout plays quite a large roll in ensuring optimal tool life and cut quality.
  • It is one of the key factors to achieving a repeatable finish every time.
  • Runout is a slight error that can make a tool not spin in a perfect circle, but rather in an elliptical pattern, which causes a decrease in tool life and can cause tools to chip prematurely.
  • Ways To Avoid Runout!!

On CNC Machines With No Tool Changers

  • Make sure the taper inside where the ER collet sits is always clean(we recommend always wiping the inside taper every time you change a tool out)
  • Be sure to always clean the ER collets and make sure any chips or debris do not get forced between the collet and the taper.
  • Ensure the collet nut is always clean and free of debris or chips to also avoid uneven pressure forcing the collet against the taper.
  • Ensure you are not over tightening the collet nut, this will cause runout and over time damage expensive collets and possible your spindle. We recommend using a torque wrench to ensure longevity on tool holders, collets, and nuts.

On CNC Machines With Tool Changers

All steps are the same however with the addition of one critical step!

  • Do not overtighten the retention knob. When retention knobs are over tightened the taper on the tool holder actually warps slightly creating additional run out especially when running high rpms. Please check with manufacturer on specific torque recommendations.