Hydro-Grip Slender HSK 63F

HYDRO-GRIP SLENDER is extremely user friendly which means quick and easy tool changes. It has a tough and compact design and it is the most slender chuck in our range. A safety feature prevents the tool from falling out when the check is not pressurized. The tool shank must be equipped with a thread corresponding to the safety screw size. 


  • Quick and easy tool change
  • High performance
  • Slender design
  • Excellent runout reduction
  • Can be used with reduction sleeves

Depth*= Clamping length
The runout is measured at 3xD and the max runout is ≤ 0,006 mm (0.00024 inch).
The type SLENDER chuck is balanced to G2,5 at 25000 rpm.
A normally balanced chuck and tool can be used up to a max. speed of 25000 rpm.

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Slender-1"/HSK63F 639140 $430.00
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Slender-1/2"/HSK63F 642710 $430.00
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Slender-12/HSK63F 642680 $430.00
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Slender-16/HSK63F 642690 $430.00
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Slender-20/HSK63F 642700 $430.00
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Slender-25/HSK63F 639130 $430.00
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Slender-3/4"/HSK63F 642730 $430.00
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Slender-3/8"/HSK63F 659400 $485.00
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