External Dust Covers


  • Eliminates cleaning collets!
  • Extends the life of your collets
  • Extends tool life by maintaining T.I.R.
Simple and effective dust covers prevent costly failures
and reduce downtime by keeping unwanted particles
from entering the collet pocket where they can clog
collets, hampering performance.


1. Slide dust cover on cutting tool shank from the
bottom. Do not slide dust cover over cutting edges.

Keeping your tool holder clean insures proper balance,
maximizes grip on tool shank, and reduces downtime
spent cleaning out collets during tool changes.


2. Install cutting tool into collet and nut

For 3/16" thru 3/4" tool shanks.
Works with: TG75, TG100, ER25, ER32, ER40, SYOZ25, SD-CO15, SD-20MM
Do not slide dust cover over cutting edge of tool or you may damage the dust cover.


3. Install assembly into toolholder and tighten collet
nut to proper torque using a torque wrench.

external-dust-cover-in-use.jpg external-dust-seals.jpg