About Us

about us

CleBitCo helps the Makers make, the Creators create, and the Doers do.

CleBitCo was started because the tools we were using were not getting the job done like we knew it could be done. We wanted to do something about the inconsistency we were getting from other tool manufacturers, such as tool life, tool chipping, and lack of support.

We were frustrated with the lack of experience we encountered when purchasing tools. We didn’t want to deal with salespeople just selling tools – we wanted to talk to tool experts that also sold tools – and then we got this crazy idea: why don’t we be those tooling experts?

With our experience in CAD/CAM, CNC manufacturing, and our obsession with tooling, we could create a company to help customers improve their processes by understanding their goals. We’d work with them closely to pick out the correct tools and CNC machines to get their jobs done faster and more efficiently and accurately. And we’d add serious value for our customers – and with some of the fastest customer service in the industry.

So we did.

Tools aren’t helpful without the know-how and experience to use them. That’s where CleBitCo shines. We can provide the tools and knowledge needed to improve your processes so your business can do more.



Our mission is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support to achieve your manufacturing goals and guarantee your success.

You can count on us to provide all the products and services you need to be successful, like:

  • Router bits

    Router bits

  • drills


  • Diamond Tooling

    Diamond Tooling

  • Aggregate Heads

    Aggregate Heads

  • Custom tooling

    Custom tooling

  • Cnc Routers

    Cnc Routers

Industries Served

  • Woodworking


  • Cabinet Manufacturing

    Cabinet Manufacturing

  • Plastics and Composites

    Plastics and Composites

  • Sign Manufacturing

    Sign Manufacturing

  • Point of purchase Displays

    Point of purchase Displays

  • Exhibit Manufacturers

    Exhibit Manufacturers

With CleBitCo as your partner, you’ll be able to do more with your machines.

Ready to take your business to the next level? We’ll help get you there.