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About Us


CleBitCo all started with the need for engraving tools that not only get the job done,but get it done as we envisioned. We were tired of the inconsistency we were getting from other tool manufacturers,such as tool life, tools chipping, and lack of support.


Our daily use of these tools in the most rigorous applications on some of the toughest materials led us to pushing the status quo as to how and when engraving tools could be used. We achieved remarkable results with tool life and repeatability in production using the tools we manufactured. 


CleBitCo will provide the tools and knowledge needed to improve your processes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support to  acheive  your manufacturing goals and guarantee your success

While helping customers solve their manufacturing issues, we saw a serious lack of support in the use of CNC router tooling. 

Custom Tooling

  We began offering more products and services
-Custom Tooling
-Technical Router Help

-Preventative Maintenace for Routers
-CAD/CAM Services and 3D Design
-Expanded product catalog 

We want to be your partner for all your tooling needs, we make it a priority to support all our customers as they take on new projects and make current projects more efficient and streamlined