Hydro-Grip G3 HSK 63F

ETP HYDRO-GRIP® G3 HSK 63F HYDRO-GRIP type G3 is historically very tough but the new generation has an even more compact design. The hydraulic  chuck is equipped with our well known built in safety device. The safety device prevents the tool from falling out when the chuck is not pressurized. Pressurizing is carried out with an allen T-wrench. The G3 chuck allows quick, safe and easy tool changes and perfect runout and repeatability.


All Hydro-Grip products are currently sold on a Quote basis. Reach out to us: sales@clebitco.com or 440-462-0691 for pricing.



  • World famous safety device
  • Compact Design
  • Quick, safe and easy tool change
  • Perfect runout and repeatability

Depth*= Clamping length
The runout is measured at 3xD and the max runout is ≤ 0,006 mm (0.00024 inch).
The type G3 chuck is balanced to G2,5 at 25000 rpm.
A normally balanced chuck and tool can be used up to a max. speed of 25000 rpm.

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G3-1"/HSK63F 54406 $475.00
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G3-1/2"/HSK63F 54146 $475.00
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G3-12/HSK63F 53146 $475.00
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G3-16/HSK63F 53226 $475.00
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G3-20/HSK63F 53306 $475.00
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G3-25/HSK63F 53406 $475.00
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G3-3/4"/HSK63F 54266 $475.00
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G3-3/8"/HSK63F 665720 $475.00
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