FunctionLINE Soft-Touch Aggregate Heads

Techniks Tooling Systems

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FunctionLINE Soft-Touch Aggregate Heads are perfect for routing, boring, mortising, and sawing operations. The Soft-Touch aggregate head accurately follows the contours of your material, automatically compensating for up to 10mm of variance for consistent depth-of-cut. Floating pressure is adjustable from 1/4 lb. to 20 lbs. Compressed air provides saw dust evacuation.

FunctionLINE Aggregates offer the widest selection and are among our most versatile grease lubricated aggregates. Designed for high performance in wood and non-wood composite materials, and plastics. Techniks aggregate heads are purpose-built specifically for your unique operation.

Max Speed Input (Spindle) 18,000 R.P.M. (24,000 R.P.M option)
Floating Pressure Adjustable from 1/4 lb. to 20 lbs.
Floating Range 10 mm (with 10mm adjustment)
Floating Bell 70mm deep x 105 mm I.D.
Max Torque 10 ft/lbs
Gear Ratio 1:01
Lubrication Grease
Max Temp. 85° C / 185° F
Output Direction Same as machine spindle
Tool Interfaces Modular



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