HG Compact-16/HSK63F

ETP Hydro-Grip

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D1: 16mm
D2: 26mm
D3: 48mm
L1: 75mm
L2: 49mm
L3: 28mm
Depth: 50mm
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The short design of 75mm makes COMPACT your ideal replacement for any ER collet holder. Allowing more and more users to fully benefit from all the positives of hydraulic clamping such as easy handling and decreased tool wear. COMPACT has a very compact and robust design. Tool changes are made quickly, easily and with a high level of precision. The high clamping force guarantees a secure clamping of your cutting tools. With a minimum tool runout a surface finish is achieved along with extended tool life. COMPACT can be used with reduction sleeves for maximum flexibility. 



  • Short Overhang
  • Easy Handling
  • High Clamping Force
  • Can Be Used With Reduction Sleeves

Warranty Information

€¢ Warranty - 1yr from delivery - Defect or Non-conformity €¢ Faulty Design €¢ Materials €¢ Workmanship €¢ According to ORGALIMES2012 -

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