RATH1060800 10” x 60T Chop Saw & Radial Arm Saw Blade

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Diameter: 10”
Teeth: 60T
Design: ATB
Kerf: .080”
Plate: .060”
Bore: 5/8”
Hook: -2
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RATH1060800 10” x 60T Chop Saw & Radial Arm Saw Blade

The RATH1060800 10” x 60T Chop Saw & Radial Arm Saw Blade from Popular Tools is a precision-crafted, heavy-duty saw blade that is perfect for cutting through a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. The blade features a 10” diameter and 60 teeth, making it ideal for a variety of applications. The ATB design provides excellent chip clearance and reduces heat buildup, while the .080” kerf and .060” plate ensure smooth, accurate cuts. The 5/8” bore and -2 hook make the blade compatible with a wide range of saws.

The RATH1060800 is backed by the Popular Tools warranty.


  • 10” diameter
  • 60 teeth
  • ATB design
  • .080” kerf
  • .060” plate
  • 5/8” bore
  • -2 hook


  • Precision-crafted for superior performance
  • Heavy-duty construction for durability
  • Ideal for a variety of applications
  • Compatible with a wide range of saws

**Order your RATH1060800 today and experience the difference that precision-crafted, heavy-duty saw blades can make!

Warranty Information

Popular Tools makes only the highest quality products. Saws with defects in materials or workmanship will be replaced. Damage to saws due to customer misuse is not covered by this warranty. The warranty is void once a blade has been reground, has had the face polished to remove the Popular Tools' logo or has any additional logos or etchings added to the face.

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