Techniks Tooling Systems

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Min RPM: 18,000
Max RPM: 24,000
D: 2.36
L: 3.92
H: 1.97
h: 1.13
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• Stop losing time & money on clean-up
• AirPRO removes 85% - 100% of dust
• Easy-to-use, just replace your collet nut

AirPRO removes dust “in the cut” so it works great removing dust from nested cuts and slatwall too! AirPRO works with your existing cutting tools and toolholders. AirPRO’s turbine action creates a powerful up-draft that evacuates dust into your machine’s collection hood before it has a chance to settle on your working surface. With AirPRO, you'll spend much less time cleaning up and much more time cutting. The AirPRO typically pays for itself in less than 30 days thanks to the increased production and reduced clean-up time. Additional benefits include less machine maintenance needed because less dust is landing on electrical and pneumatic systems. Your employees will appreciate the cleaner environment, and the risk of dust combustion is greatly reduced.


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