CZ21 17.2mm Cut Length, 4mm Flat Shank, .63mm Thick, Single Edge Oscillating Knife Blade 28mm OAL


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Cut Length: 17.2mm
Zund Replacement: Z21
Zund Holder: EOT/EOT-250/POT
Multicam Replacement: K66
Multicam Holder: KH2
Esko Kongsberg Replacement: BLD-SF421
Esko Kongsberg Holder: MP HF/VIBRACUT/HI-FORCE
Colex Replacement: T00421
Colex Holder: T00126
Aristo Replacement: 910.314
Aristo Holder: 4560
Shank: 4mm Flat
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Single Edge Oscillating Knife Blade designed to cut intricate details and small radii with fine detail and low overcut. Direct Replacement for Z21, BLD-SF421, T00421, 910.314, K66, XZ0021. 

Material Usage:

  • Felt
  • Rubber
  • Ejection Rubber
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Light Foam Core

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