Combo-3/4"/1"x80 HSK63F

ETP Hydro-Grip

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D1: .750
D2: 1.25
D3: 2.047
L1: 3.150
L2: 3.465
L3: 4.567
L4: 5.591
Depth: 1.969
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The new COMBO lets you enjoy all the benefits of using a hydraulic chuck for your router bits and a hydraulic arbor for your profile tools at the same time. Perfectly centered and balanced.

Quick and easy tool changes independently for each tool, router bit vs. profile tool. The COMBO lets you optimize your tool design for maximum performance and cost effectiveness. 



  • Quick, easy and independent tool change
  • Multiple tool combination
  • Optimize run time for each tool
  • High performance and excellent runout reduction



Warranty Information

Warranty - 1yr from delivery - Defect or Non-conformity €¢ Faulty Design €¢ Materials €¢ Workmanship €¢ According to ORGALIMES2012 -

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